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They share a love for life and land. They depend on the water that flows here and the preservation of their natural habitat.
Like the emigrants of yesterday, we can traverse the wilderness on foot, in the unaltered landscape of Nevada’s majestic high desert.
For some, being a landowner is much more than a legal right—it is an ideal that brings with it great responsibility.
“It is magnificent country, and truly worthy of its national treasure status."
If beauty is about contrasts, it has never been more apparent than at the outer reaches of the lush Galena Forest, where an evergreen paradise offers shelter fro
In passing through this special place—where the mountains meet the desert—we gain a window to the wilderness, and a feeling that one of life’s greatest journeys
NLT’s involvement in both fires began just as the smoke cleared, as members of the BAER (Burn Area Emergency Recovery) team.
In a part of the country known for its ranching history, Nevada’s oldest continuously operating, family-owned ranch has a legacy to represent and a destiny to fu
Residents and visitors to Incline Village and the Lake Tahoe area can enjoy a complete Incline Flume Trail which includes historic artifacts and a restored natur
To thriving herds of mule deer and Bighorn sheep, it is home. To us, it is Nevada’s most sacred natural wonder.
So much more than a parcel, it meant a vision fulfilled - an open space teeming with natural beauty, a true bastion of local history, and a welcome escape from t
Nevada Land Trust Earns National Recognition Accreditation Awarded by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission