Nevada Land Trust cares deeply about Nevadans and Nevada’s wildlife. We are unabashedly proud to be Nevada-born, and we are humbled by the fact that every day we get to focus on the exceptional lands and waters that shape the Silver State.

Nevada Land Trust (NLT), formerly Nevada Land Conservancy, is Nevada’s first independent nonprofit conservation land trust, working to protect key land, water, wildlife, recreational, historic, scenic, and agricultural resources in our state.

NLT honors the history and heritage of the place we call home. We treat our partners and supporters with trust and respect and work hard to protect the places we all love. We care about the health and well-being of our remarkable and incredibly diverse wildlife. We care about our rivers and streams and wetlands and springs — all the more precious in our high desert. We care about sustaining Nevada’s agricultural traditions. We care whether or not we can continue to hike and fish and play in our favorite spots and about sustaining the quality of life that connects us to the outdoors.

NLT has helped to conserve more than 60,000 acres of land and associated water rights since our founding in 1998. NLT holds conservation easements on working ranches, owns protected lands and has helped enlarge regional parks. Our project work has been focused primarily in Northern Nevada, with projects from the shores of Lake Tahoe to Elko, Humboldt county to Ely.

Nevada Land Trust cares what future generations will find here. We want them to find our Nevada.

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