Information for landowners


Conservation Easement

A conservation easement is a voluntary agreement between a landowner and NLT to preserve certain conservation values of the property. One of the most flexible tools available to landowners, a conservation easement leaves the land in private ownership, protects the land permanently and may provide significant tax benefits. Each agreement is tailored to the specific property and landowner and does not require public access.

Land Donation

Donate land outright: By donating your land to NLT, you can be relieved of management responsibilities while receiving potential tax benefits. Donated land is also protected in perpetuity for its specific conservation values. Lands without conservation values can be sold to help fund conservation projects.

Donate land via bequest: You can own and control your land during your lifetime, while ensuring that it will be protected after your death. NLT will work with you to ensure we can accept your donation and offer language to include in your estate planning documents to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Donate a remainder interest in land: You may donate your land during your lifetime, while continuing to live on and use the land. NLT will gain full title to the land at the time of your passing. NLT will work with you to determine if this is a viable option.

Donate land that establishes a life income: You may establish a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder unitrust to protect your land. This option is most useful for highly appreciated land where the sale of the land would trigger high capital gains tax. NLT has expertise in these matters and will work with you to determine the donation approach that works best for you and your estate.

Land Sale

Some acquisitions require NLT to assemble public and private funds for fee title purchase of land and subsequent transfer to a public agency. These transactions take time and require significant advance work, including identification of public funding sources, preparation of grant applications, facilitating public support, and raising private funds to cover initial exploration and due diligence.

Part Donation + Part Sale

To help you realize some income from selling your land — while also protecting your land permanently — it may be beneficial to explore a sale to NLT for less than fair market value. This is sometimes referred to as a “bargain sale.” This makes your land more affordable to NLT while providing proceeds to you in both cash and potential tax benefits.

There is no one-size-fits all path forward. While we can help you identify options to consider, it is vital to consult your own legal and tax professionals for advice prior to any transaction.


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