One Truckee River: Who we are, what we do

One Truckee River: Who we are, what we do

By Staff, June 11, 2015 at 3:00 PM

The Truckee River flows from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. Running northeast from California to Nevada for 121 miles, it is a vital source of drinking water, wildlife habitat, agriculture, irrigation and recreational opportunities.

Many organizations in Northern Nevada have taken on some of the challenges and done great work on their own to take care of the river, but there is no all-encompassing management plan. No single system or organization oversees the quality of life aspects, recreation, water quality, invasive species, stewardship and protection issues, environmental education, social service elements, and restoration all at once.

That’s where Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) and Nevada Land Trust (NLT) come in. NLT and KTMB, along with the National Park Service and other partners, have initiated the One Truckee River Initiative, working together for a sustainable, clean, thriving river community. The vision is simple: One Truckee River is a collaboration of public and private partners working together to realize a Truckee River that flows clear and clean, quenches our thirst, sustains the river’s natural ecology and wildlife, and connects residents and visitors to unparalleled opportunities for recreation and regeneration.

A small initial group has met and begun to guide the first steps. The planning effort will require those involved to bring their best results, concerns and ideas to the collective table.
The initiative’s goals include promoting social, cultural, educational and physical connections between people and the Truckee River. The initiative also seeks to assure the protection of the Truckee River’s natural resources, including its water, plants and wildlife. The final goal is to support and promote outdoor education and local river stewardship so that the Truckee River is cared for today and into the future. (The other goals can be found here.)
In the fall of 2015, a community forum will take place, inviting the public and stakeholders to gather together to discuss the importance of and the future of the river, and how the One Truckee River Initiative can forward that process.

The initiative is currently organized into three geographically-defined phases.

• Phase One: West McCarran to Glendale Water Treatment Facility
• Phase Two: Glendale Water Treatment Facility to Pyramid Lake
• Phase Three: Stateline to West McCarran

Imagine how much stronger we can all be working together to take care of the Truckee River we know and love.
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