Galena Trailhead

Galena Trailhead

In passing through this special place—where the mountains meet the desert—we gain a window to the wilderness, and a feeling that one of life’s greatest journeys has just begun.

Not far from the winding roads of the quiet rural community nestled between Reno and Carson City, is an opening to the path less traveled.

Nevada Land Trust facilitated the acquisition of 1.6 acres located on the south side of Galena Creek, extending into Galena Canyon in Pleasant Valley—an acquisition made possible by funding from State Question One and Washoe County Question One voter-supported bonds. 

From equestrians to hikers, mountain bikers to snowshoe enthusiasts, the Galena Trailhead will usher its visitors to the picturesque Galena Canyon Trail, with connections to Callahan Park, as well as the Thomas, Jones and Whites Creek Trails, the historic Galena Schoolhouse and the Galena Creek Regional Park. 

So close, and yet so far away, the trailhead will offer serenity-seekers a unique opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, scenic landscapes, and a daily escape from the clamor of civilization.