Exploring the Future, Together

Exploring the Future, Together

On a recent autumn morning, members of the Nevada Land Trust board of trustees and staff gathered to spend a day together in the field. The reason for this gathering, our first in-person since December 2019, was not only to enjoy each other’s company. We were visiting different properties and meeting their owners who are interested in working with NLT to protect their ranches through Conservation Easements.

We visited two ranches in Douglas County and one in Lyon County. Together, these properties total nearly 1,000 acres. Each has important conservation values, including water, wildlife habitat, historical and cultural significance. Like all Nevada Land Trust projects, they offer benefits that will help our region adjust to the changing climate. Open space naturally absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, which is one important step in reducing our carbon footprint. Securing access to fresh water is crucially important for Nevada’s wildlife as they are forced adjust their natural habitats due to the changing climate.

“We've managed to stay connected throughout the pandemic, but at the heart of conservation are relationships. With each other, with our landowners, partners, and donors,” said Alicia Reban, executive director of the Nevada Land Trust. “Video calls are better than voice calls, but nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. We can assess conservation opportunities remotely, but nothing replaces what you can learn by walking the property with its owners or having the board there to help determine the path forward. I've missed this!”

It was a wonderful day – inspiring, filled with fresh air, blue skies (which we will never again take for granted!), and camaraderie. There are more potential projects that we’ll assess soon and can’t wait to be in the field again. Several of us were talking about what made our experience so special, and the word we kept coming back to is ‘Connection.’ Connection to each other, our colleagues, and friends that we haven’t seen in person for such a long time. And especially, connection to the land. Each parcel represents a piece of Nevada’s past, and more importantly, Nevada’s future. Nevada Land Trust preserves the special places and open spaces that we all love – and that will help us adjust to the changing climate. This is why we do what we do!

  • Ranch view
  • Ranch view, poplars