Bull Wheel/Incline Flume Trail

Bull Wheel/Incline Flume Trail

Residents and visitors to Incline Village and the Lake Tahoe area can enjoy a complete Incline Flume Trail which includes historic artifacts and a restored natural environment.

There is a popular seven-mile trail in Incline Village, Nevada known as the Incline Flume Trail, which runs from the Mt. Rose Highway to Tunnel Creek. A portion of this trail was under private ownership until 2015, when Cheryl and David Duffield donated 18.6 acres to the Nevada Land Trust. This generous donation allowed Nevada Land Trust to move the property into public ownership, which was realized in 2021 – something Incline Village residents had long hoped for. By completing the transfer of the property to the U.S. Forest Service, Nevada Land Trust has realigned and restored the Incline Flume Trail section to better protect the historic area and natural environment in preparation for public use. Working with project partner Friends of Incline Trails, we focused on trail-widening, erosion control, minor trail reconstruction, and installation of educational and way-finding signs. Also nearby is the historic Bull Wheel structure, which was used from 1880-1894 to bring lumber over the mountains, and other historic relics such as the Incline Tramway (namesake of Incline Village) and a V-Flume. Nevada Land Trust is proud to work on such an important piece of property that will add to Incline Village’s recreation options. 

Nevada Land Trust’s involvement with this property oversaw the restoration and realignment of the Incline Flume Trail’s “missing link,” the .3 miles of trail that is now authorized for use by the U.S. Forest Service. Prepping the ‘missing link’ for public use means the trail has been realigned and restored to better protect the surrounding historic and natural areas. Nevada Land Trust is grateful for the assistance of private and public agencies, including Friends of Incline Trails, Tahoe Fund, and U.S. Forest Service. 

Nevada Land Trust believes the Bull Wheel parcel has value for conservation, education and recreation purposes, and that it provides a significant public benefit. 

Recreation of the Mind and Body:

Residents and visitors to Incline Village and the Lake Tahoe area can now enjoy a complete Incline Flume Trail which includes historic artifacts and a restored natural environment. Such protection and public access encourages residents and visitors to participate in outdoor recreational and education activities, including hiking or mountain biking the trail, and learning about the historical artifacts on the parcel, including the Bull Wheel, which is the only known use of a bull wheel for logging purposes.

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