Psst… There’s a Fire in YOUR Future!

I headed out of the office yesterday afternoon for an errand in Spanish Springs. As I got on the freeway in Reno, I saw the plume of smoke from the Virginia Range. At first I thought it was in Hidden Valley, but the curve of the freeway soon showed me it was up behind the Northern Nevada Medical Center, to the left of the big “S” on the hill in Sparks. This is it, I thought. Finally a fire of a scale and visibility that will be the “real” start of our summer wildfire season.

Even Pocket-Sized Open Space Can Change a Life (or 5)

At the back of my neighborhood is an area that is comprised largely of Bailey Creek drainage. Technically a flood zone, though it has been so many years since we have seen measurable water in it, it seems hard to imagine now. Maybe this year though! The area I access is 10-15 acres of creek-bed and surrounding upland sagebrush and bitterbrush habitat. It contains meandering well-worn paths amongst the shrubs and occasional weeds (I was hysterical to see the invasive tall white top/perennial pepperweed weed there last spring and had to stop and dig on the spot, yes I’m obsessed!)

It is Nevada, the driest state, after all…

We had a pretty good winter in terms of snowpack, but it looks like there’s more drought in our future. That’s how you might sum up yesterday’s Coffee & Conservation presentation by Nevada State Climatologist Doug Boyle. Boyle shared some of the great resources available at the Nevada State Climate Office.

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